Car accident. What to do?

In the case of an accident:

  1. Turn on the hazard warning lights.
  2. Put on your reflective safety vest.
  3. Set up the warning triangle (not less than 15 m from the car in the locality and at least 30 m from outside the locality).
  4. Call the traffic police:
    • 02-from a landline phone
    • 112-for MTS subscribers
    • 911-for Beeline subscribers
    • 020-for MegaFon subscribers
    • (495)937-99-11 through a rescue Service
    • (495) 624-31-17 — through of the duty of the Moscow traffic police.
  5. Call for advice in the insurance company by phone specified on the insurance policy.
  6. Stay at the scene until the arrival of the road police and emergency Commissioner (if this service is included in the contract).
  7. Get an original or a copy of the Protocol drawn up by the person responsible for the violation of traffic rules;
  8. Get help with the form № 154 with a list of parts TC, damaged in a traffic accident (reference is made on the site of road accident by the traffic police);

If the car was damaged from third parties:

  1. You should contact the nearest Police station and write a statement about the damage of Your car, with indication of the circumstances of the incident. In the police Department, You will be given a Ticket-notification.
  2. Not later than 30 calendar days after the treatment, You will be issued a certificate to provide to the insurance company.

How to get direction from the insurance company for repair

Within 5 calendar days to report about the accident to the insurance company:
Present the damaged vehicle for inspection
Prepare and submit to the insurance company a set of documents for getting a referral for repair:

  1. Notification about the insured event (the form can be received in any office of insurance company or in one of the centers of remote settlement)
  2. The original or a copy of the Protocol of the accident, drawn up on the accident site by the traffic police.
  3. Application form № 154 with a list of parts damaged as a result of an accident (reference is made on the site of road accident by the traffic police)
  4. Vehicle registration documents (registration certificate, passport or other equivalent document);
  5. Driving license of the person who was driving at the time of an accident, or a document substituting it;

If Your car broke down, know — RAF comes to the aid of the Russian Automobile Fellowship.

Technical assistance with RAT includes technical assistance for fault and services for the evacuation of the vehicle.
Depending on the chosen program can also be provided with the following services:

Maintenance, repair, seasonal tire and storage of tires.

In the case of:

leave a request to receive appropriate services through the website «sign up for repair». Our employees will contact You and will agree with you on date and time of providing the service.