«During our cooperation since 2006, we have experienced that specialists of ZAO “Transport Lease” have a professional approach and succeed to cover our demands and needs in this sphere, satisfactory. This supplier is flexible in creating solutions, they work qualitatively and efficiently , result oriented, according to what has been agreed upon.
In our opinion, due to the basic principle of the company — formation of partnership relations with customers, based on mutual beneficial cooperation, ZAO “Transport Lease” is a reliable partner in the field of operational and financial leasing of cars.
We are fully satisfied with the results of cooperation with ZAO “Transport Lease” and recommend this company to everyone who is interested in long-term and stable partner».*

A leading international company in the field of production of Imaging and photographic equipment.
General Manager.

«By this letter the company management is grateful to ZAO “Transport Lease” for their professional approach to the fulfillment of our orders for the selection of new cars and their maintenance.
ZAO “Transport Lease” during the long years of cooperation exhibited high professionalism and conscientious attitude in business. The high professionalism of ZAO “Transport Lease” employees always guarantees successful completion of projects.
Activity of ZAO “Transport Lease” shows up high quality service, attentive to all customer requests and flexibility in approach to cooperation».*

Leading manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals.
Chief Financial Officer.

«We express our gratitude to ZAO “Transport Lease” for professionalism, efficiency and quality in the provision of leasing services.
ZAO «Transport Lease» for many years of cooperation with us always professionally carried out its work. This company flawlessly performs all the arrangements and clearly meets all the stipulated time frame that is an important point in cooperation and harmonious collaboration of two big companies.
Employees of ZAO “Transport Lease” provide courtesy, responsiveness, attentiveness and show qualification and professionalism in carrying out their work. They are always ready to respond promptly to needs and wishes of clients.
Based on years of experience and positive cooperation, we recommend ZAO “Transport Lease” as a reliable and professional partner».*

Prominent European manufacturer of innovative products for industries.
Country manager.

«We cooperate with ZAO “Transport Lease” on organization of our car fleet for more than 9 years. During this time, we have repeatedly (ascertained in) experienced the highest professionalism, qualifications, personal integrity and responsible approach in performance of managers, fleet-coordinators and drivers of ZAO “Transport Lease”. All tasks defined are being solved in time and without delay.
We are completely satisfied with cooperation with ZAO “Transport Lease” and look forward to continue our mutual activities.
In respect of positive experience of our cooperation, we can recommend ZAO «Transport Lease» as a reliable, trustworthy business partner».*

Leading international company in the development and implementation of latest technologies and materials.
Fleet Manager.

«We express our gratitude to ZAO “Transport Lease” for the quality of services in the field of leasing, as well as active participation in maintaining of our fleet.
In its activity, ZAO “Transport Lease” fully adheres to the basic principles of business cooperation and compliance with mutual agreements. Based on the positive experience of cooperation, we can recommend ZAO “Transport Lease” as professional and reliable partner in the field of leasing.
We look forward to continue the existing partnership and further mutually beneficial business cooperation. We wish them successful development and achieving new heights in business».*

Prominent American company in production of phototechnique.
Director of Logistics.

«During cooperation with the company since 2006 ZAO “Transport Lease” has established itself as reliable and responsible partner. Functioning of employees of the company matches the higher level, work is performed efficiently and in a timely manner. We would like to mention efficiency of ZAO “Transport Lease” in dealing with customers, the willingness to respond quickly to changing circumstances, attentive to the customer.
Employees of ZAO “Transport Lease” constantly confirm their high professional status in all aspects of operation with clients, demonstrate competence and activity in solving of determined tasks.
We are satisfied with our cooperation and are ready to recommend ZAO “Transport Lease” as a reliable and responsible partner».*

Leading manufacturer of high quality heating equipment.
Chief Financial Officer.

* The originals of recommendation letters are available upon request.